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Who We Are "Sponsors for Peace” is an informal association of people who share a vision of a world where peace is valued and experienced by individuals, communities and nations.  As conflict rages around the globe, our aim is to promote a message of peace and work with others to achieve our goal of peace and well-being for everyone.   “Sponsors for Peace” in Scotland has been formed by a group of individuals:
  • Who feel that Peace is a basic right of every human being
  • Who have a vision of Scotland as a country where every individual can grow up in a positive environment, free from violence, oppression and aggression, and where people are supported to find personal peace on an individual level
  • Who aim to foster and promote a range of events and activities through partnerships and coalitions that raise awareness and attention of the need for peace to be enjoyed as a basic human right
  • Who aim to foster peace as a consensus value through individuals, families, communities, towns and cities across Scotland
  • Who want to act as a non-polarising source of information on individual, local and worldwide peace issues
  • Who will act as a signpost to other organisations that have the ‘promotion of peace’ at the heart of their aims and objectives
  • Who will aim is to become part of an all-inclusive, non-polarising network of individuals and organisations across the world working to bring peace to their communities
  • Who intend to develop as a ‘not for profit’ organisation in Scotland and seek charity status

Andrew Girvan, one of the organisers behind this year’s Peace Day Celebration event, has agirvan spent a lifetime promoting safer communities in Scotland through developing and delivering services aimed at reducing child and domestic abuse, as well as tackling youth crime.

In a career that has seen him in a role as Director of both Action for Children Scotland and FCA Scotland, as well as holding senior positions in Children’s Services with a number of Scottish local authorities, Andrew has also promoted the idea that peace in families and communities and in nations has to start with peace at an individual level.

Andrew Girvan
Andrew commented – “This year’s event to mark the 30th Anniversary of the UN International Day of Peace comes at a very relevant time, as it occurs on 21st September, just three days after the Referendum on Scotland’s future. Whatever the result we know that there will need to be a period of reconciliation and of having to work together and build bridges across the whole spectrum of Scottish society to secure the best possible future for this small nation.  
Dave Head & Shoulders

David Whyte

David J Whyte is one of Scotland’s most published golf travel writers & photographers. He works with golf magazines and newspapers around the world and is VisitScotland’s main golf landscape photographer providing images for the annual Official Guide to Golf in Scotland and Scotland's main tourist website. David has been a keen supporter of peace for most of his adult life and has seen first-hand how pursuing peace within the individual can improve relationships and lead to a more harmonious life. “My job allows me to travel regularly and meet people from many different countries. I see that the world is a truly incredible, delightful place and I wonder how we can get so lost in conflict and discord in marriages, families, communities, political parties and nations. The best way to find peace I believe is to start with your self. A genuinely peaceful individual has the ability to convey objective understanding and harmony and in this way foster the practical application of peace. We should all start there.”   Gameli Tordzro is the Artistic Director of Pan African Arts Scotland, PAAS. Gameli TordzroCurrently a Social Anthropology student, in the University of Glasgow his passion for music has led him to develop special skills in playing a range of traditional African instruments including the Kora (West African Harp), the gyle xylpohone, many African drums and the Atenteben Flute (a Ghanaian Bamboo flute). He founded the Glasgow Highlife Band and the first Scottish African Orchestra Ha Orchestra both of which are Pan African Arts Scotland music projects.

 Gameli Tordzro

Cecilia Naa Densua Tordzro is an African fashion designer and dressmaker. She is currently studying in the fashion department of the Glasgow ClydCecilia (2)e College She is also responsible for Sima Fashions, an African fashion project in PAAS. She comes from a tradition of Ga singers and writes and sings in the Glasgow Highlife Band. She is also the costume designer for both the Glasgow Highlife Band and the Ha Orchestra.

 Cecilia Tordzro

Gameli and Cecilia are committed to promoting peace through the arts and perform as a duo, as well as being part of the Glasgow Highlife Band.

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